About Us

At GEF Capital, we are making a commitment – to be better by doing better. We believe that by prioritizing our stakeholders – our people, our portfolio companies and our investors – as well as the world around us, we can align interests to generate better financial and environmental outcomes.

Our History

GEF Capital Partners was formed in March 2018 following the completion of a collaborative spinout from Global Environment Fund, an early leader in global sustainability and environmental investing. Today, we seek to build on the legacy established by Global Environment Fund by focusing on investments that promote resource efficiency and contribute to building a more sustainable future. These include operating companies that enable clean energy or improve energy efficiency, that are reducing the amount of waste we generate or water we use, that build products using fewer or more efficient materials, or that take action to improve the quality and conservation of our land.  In other words, we want to invest capital in ways that do more with less, that improve the world around us, while also rewarding our investors who participate in investments with us.

With offices located in Washington, D.C. metro region, São Paulo, Brazil and Mumbai, India, we have a global mindset but a decidedly local focus. We consider investments principally in the United States, Brazil and India, but will also look to neighboring countries on a selective basis.  We believe that by living and working in the places where we principally invest, we can identify, manage, improve and exit investments in ways that not only generate compelling financial returns but also have a positive environmental impact.