Company Overview – Civic Renewables is an emerging player in the renewable energy sector, offering innovative solutions for the installation of residential solar energy systems. The solutions provided by the company include residential solar installation, home battery energy storage services, and installation of electric vehicle (EV) chargers. Civic has experience with removal and installation of many solar mounting products in today’s market and has the expertise to handle all maintenance requests including repairs, replacement, or protection of residential solar systems.

Environmental Impact – It is estimated that in 2022, U.S. utility electricity generation resulted in CO2 emissions of .86 lbs. per kWh¹, compared to solar energy that produces 0 lbs. of carbon per kWh1. As the average American household consumes over 10,000kWh of electricity per year1, Civic’s solar solutions provide the opportunity for the average American household to cut their carbon footprint, creating a sustainable approach to growth in energy demand.

¹US Energy Information Administration