Company Overview – EnviroMix is an innovator in the wastewater industry. Its proprietary and patented product, BioMix, uses compressed gas to mix wastewater in an anoxic tank using less energy than other traditional mechanical mixing systems. The Company primarily targets municipal wastewater treatment plants, industrial water treatment plants and biogas digesters in the U.S. The Company also developed BioCycle, an energy-savings solution that uses BioMix in the aeration process.

Environmental Impact – Wastewater treatment plants account for 2.0% of U.S. energy consumption. Mechanical mixers and aerators consume ~50% of a plant’s total energy (~1% of total U.S. consumption). BioMix allows wastewater treatment plants to reduce their energy consumption by as much as 60-80% in the mixing section of the plant, while Biocycle allows wastewater treatment plants to reduce energy consumption in the aeration portion of the plant by ~50%. In addition, improved mixing technology results in the ability to treat higher volumes of water at a lower cost, with improved mixing and discharge results. Removing pollutants from effluent is critical for healthy waterways. EnviroMix provides a valuable solution for wastewater treatment plants to meet tightening standards with regards to the treated water they release into waterways.