Company Overview – Hero Motors Limited is a leading manufacturer of EV components and transmission systems. It is one of the largest manufacturer of e-bike components in India and is actively transitioning its Gears & Transmission business towards electric vehicles (EVs) by acquiring capabilities across product engineering and process engineering. Hero Motors Limited is part of the Hero Cycles Group, one of the most reputed business groups in India, led by Mr. Pankaj Munjal.

Environmental Impact – Mobility, technology, and the environment are entwined in attaining a sustainable future. The pressing need to curb the excessive consumption of fossil fuels for transportation, which, as reports suggest accounts for a fifth of global carbon emissions, has put the spotlight on electricity-driven modes of transport. The emissions from mobility sector are expected to increase rapidly, with the latest estimates projecting a rise of as much as 60% by 2050. For Nations to meet their net zero targets under the Paris Agreement, the decarbonization of the transport sector has become an urgent priority and will be instrumental in winning the global race against climate change. With significant improvement in technology in the last decade, e-bikes have shown great potential as an effective and environmentally friendly transport solution across the globe.