Company Overview – NSES is a leading provider of turnkey LED lighting system retrofit solutions, offering customers high ROI opportunities. Owners and operators of healthcare facilities, commercial real estate assets, education campuses, hotels, and industrial operations put tremendous value on NSES’s energy efficiency and cost savings solutions. NSES prides itself in high quality, white glove service offerings at a competitive price to meet high profile customers’ budgetary and quality standard requirements.

Environmental Impact – NSES’s innovative system for delivering energy efficient lighting solutions enables its customers to reduce electricity usage and operations & maintenance expenses at their facilities, while also decreasing utility and operational costs. Lighting typically represents between 20% and 45% of an average customer’s monthly utility bill, creating an opportunity for NSES’s LED solutions to provide an outsized impact on a customer’s energy savings. A transition to LED lighting can lead to a 50% reduction in energy consumption for illuminating a facility as seen with multiple NSES customers.