Company Overview – Pacific TopSoils is a leading bark, mulch and soil producer in the Pacific Northwest with sourcing, composting and retail capabilities at eight sites throughout Seattle and its suburbs. The Company focuses on bulk sales to landscapers, commercial/residential customers, and construction sites through its retail sites or by delivery. The company also provides convenience to green waste owners through waste drop-off and product pickup which makes it a logical choice for landscapers throughout the region.

Environmental Impact –Similar to Gro-Well, Pacific Topsoils diverts organic waste material out of landfills each year. This has direct climate benefits since not only a significant amount of methane and carbon emissions are avoided by keeping this material out of landfills, but Pacific Topsoils products also promote plant growth and additional carbon sequestration. The company’s array of soils and mulches help replenish depleted soil bacteria and microbes, encouraging vegetation growth, ecological sustainability, and directly removing harmful gases from the air.