GEF Capital seeks to invest in operating businesses where our capital can support both actual or expected revenue and earnings growth while also catalyzing a positive environmental impact. Over the tenure of our firm and previously while we were employees of Global Environment Fund, we have developed relationships and experience in certain sectors and industries that we believe align strongly with our dual goals. These include operating companies that enable clean energy or improve energy efficiency, that are reducing the amount of waste we generate or water we use, that build products using fewer or more efficient materials, or that take action to improve the quality and conservation of our land.

To generate the financial returns that we seek, we apply core pillars of private equity investing:


Seek value in specialized businesses where current market perception misprices key assets or businesses


Find opportunities to serve as a value-added partner to management or company founders to drive operational improvement


Identify secular, macro and regulatory trends that will allow for outsized 
growth dynamics

Efficient capital

Bring efficient capital solutions to 
areas where none existed, thereby 
unlocking value