Company Overview – Automa was founded in 2006 and since then, became a national reference in enterprise software and data analysis for supervision, control, and protection of electrical systems in generation, transmission, and distribution. The solutions developed by the Company monitor approximately 7GW in wind energy, 2.6GW in solar energy, 13GW in hydro energy, in addition to providing control solutions for around 150 substations throughout Brazil in 2022.

Environmental Impact – With the digitalization of the energy chain, including energy stations, substations, photovoltaic plants, transmission lines, among others, Automa seeks to unlock increased efficiency for clients’ operations. Through proprietary software, the Company collects, monitors and analyzes data to provide recommendations that can generate up to 1% to 5% energy efficiency in power plants and electrical systems. Moreover, with solutions aimed at photovoltaic and wind energy sources, the Company contributes to accelerate the diversification of the Brazilian energy matrix.