Company Overview – Bluesource is among the leading developers and market makers of carbon credits in North America. Since its founding in 2001, Bluesource has been a thought leader when it comes to carbon credit markets, providing advisory services to corporate, government and NGO clients. Bluesource works with clients such as a forestry management company to develop and verify carbon credits associated with sustainable forestry practices and then market and sell those credits across a variety of regulatory and voluntary markets. Bluesource is one of the largest players in the California and Alberta regulatory compliance markets as well as in the rapidly growing voluntary market as blue chip companies take an increasingly prominent role in helping prevent climate change. Other examples of projects that Bluesource develops for environmental attributes include landfill gas, biomass power, mine methane reduction and the destruction of ozone depleting substances.

Environmental Impact – By working with blue chip corporate customers throughout North America to develop, certify and monetize carbon credits,  Bluesource plays a critical market role in helping develop and finance these environmentally sustainable practices. Bluesource also works with state and provincial governments as well as NGO’s to develop and fortify their carbon credit protocols and market regulations. As such, since its founding in 2001, Bluesource had a direct role in developing more than 150 million tons of carbon credits as well as many other environmental attributes including federal Renewable Identification Numbers (RIN’s) and California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits. Bluesource was an early pioneer in the environmental attribute markets dating back to its founding in 2001 and is consistently on the forefront of developing new industry practices and technologies.