Company Overview – Clean Medical is a healthcare company that provides “device-as-a-service” solutions, including rental of medical devices, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance services. The São Paulo-based company was founded in 2010 and serves key Brazilian hospitals with a differentiated portfolio that includes ventilators, multi-parameter monitors, infusion pumps, cardioverters, anesthesia devices and other equipment. As a leading player in a nascent market, we believe the company is well-positioned to expand its footprint and consolidate its prominence in Brazil.

Environmental Impact – Clean Medical’s rental business model contributes to the extension of the useful life of medical equipment and the reduction of device turnover due to the execution of maintenance and post-sales support, contributing to resource efficiency and the reduction of e-waste. The service-focused offering allows for healthcare providers to focus exclusively on caring for patients, and the extension of the useful life of this critical equipment allows for depreciated equipment to be redeployed in second or third tier hospitals, primarily located in remote regions, that would not otherwise have access to such devices. Secular macrotrends related to population growth, aging and urbanization are also contributing to the growth in this market opportunity.