Company Overview – Gro-Well is one of the largest green waste recycling companies in the Southwestern United States. The Company manufactures and sells soils, mulch, compost and other organic lawn and garden products to big box retailers as well as independent garden centers throughout the Western United States. From its eight plants strategically located throughout the Southwest, Gro-Well accepts sawmill waste and residue, as well as green waste and farm waste, to compost and manufacture its products. Gro-Well sells its products using a number of well-recognized brands including Nature’s Way, Arizona’s Best, Garden Time, Gro-Well and others.

Environmental Impact –  By giving various waste streams a second life as consumer products, Gro-Well is able to divert approximately 320,000 tons of organic waste material out of landfills each year.  This has direct climate benefits since not only a significant amount of methane and carbon emissions are avoided by keeping this material out of landfills, but Gro-Well products also promote plant growth and additional carbon sequestration. Gro-Well’s mulch products help retain rainwater in drought stricken areas of the Southwest, and more importantly lead to reduced usage of water resources by displacing more water-intensive garden landscapes such as grass lawns.