Company Overview – HCC Solar operates an independent dealership business model focused on (i) design, engineering, and installation of solar PV projects, as well as the import and distribution of solar PV components, and (ii) electrical engineering projects such as expansion, dimensioning, and general services for energy utilities. At the time of the investment, HCC Solar had more than 70 independent dealers and had installed more than 110MW of solar projects.

Environmental Impact – HCC Solar’s PV system solution can expand off-grid solutions and DG systems are more efficient at avoiding transmission losses. This, in turn, increases access to affordable, reliable, and modern energy services. Additionally, Solar PV solutions promote a more resilient energy alternative as well as diversification of Brazil’s energy matrix, which is still highly dependent on hydro sources and potentially vulnerable to droughts. Finally, energy via DG allows for a reduction of up to 20% in energy costs to SMEs, which translates into higher disposable income for the beneficiaries.