Company Overview – InSite is a leading provider of digital analytics and solutions for the built environment. The company connects, aggregates and analyzes disparate building data and distills this information into a series of actionable plans that reduce energy costs and optimize building performance. Furthermore, InSite measures and monitors carbon emissions to help customers achieve sustainability goals and promote healthier buildings using its indoor air quality monitoring solutions. InSite works with commercial real estate, healthcare, government and higher education clients to maximize the value of their real assets.

Environmental Impact – Buildings accounted for approximately 29% of U.S. energy consumption in 2020 despite increases in remote work due to COVID-19. By working with real estate owners, InSite’s solution reduces emissions from some of the largest contributors to CO2 emissions. InSite is able to reduce customers’ energy use on average 10 to 20 percent while significantly expanding the lifecycle of its customers’ building equipment. The company’s analytics platform also supports the measurement and reporting of critical ESG data to ensure a client’s sustainability goals are being met and deliver a lasting impact.