Company Overview – Polargy designs and delivers solutions for data centers including hot and cold aisle containment systems, modular walls, and structural ceilings. Polargy focuses mainly on new data center development but also provides retrofit solutions to enhance energy efficiency and extend the useful life of data centers and the assets within them. Polargy has become one of the key providers for several of the established colocation companies and serves many of the largest companies in the technology sector, as its products are high-quality, designed to spec for each project, cost competitive and delivered efficiently to meet customer requirements.

Environmental Impact – It is estimated that in 2022, data centers consumed approximately 450 terawatt-hours (TWh) of energy which is ~1.7% of global energy consumption1. Polargy’s hot and cold aisle containment systems reduce cooling technology requisite power load by nearly 50%, creating a sustainable approach to the growth in the data center industry.

1 International Energy Agency