Company Overview – Syrma SGS Technology Limited (“Syrma SGS”) is one of India’s leading power and smart electronics manufacturing platforms engaged in the design and manufacturing of energy efficient electronic devices and components that cater to a range of industries.  Founded in 2015, Syrma SGS is engaged in turnkey electronics contract manufacturing and the manufacturing of innovative products in RFID and Magnetics. The Company is part of the Tandon Group, which has a 40-year legacy in electronics manufacturing and exports.  The Company’s products are used within the Power, Industrial, Water, Mass transportation, Consumer and other sectors.

SGS Tekniks Manufacturing Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, is an electronics manufacturing company with expertise in water treatment, automotive electronics and industrial electronics.

Environmental Impact – Syrma SGS’s products are strongly aligned towards energy efficiency within its core sectors. This includes products focused on energy efficiency, energy and water metering, water purification and clean energy.

Energy Efficiency: The need for efficient power management is critical to achieving climate goals. Syrma SGS’s solutions span various aspects of smart and efficient devices.  For instance, power electronics, RFID and magnetics all contribute towards these trends. Many market segments such as domestic and office appliances, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, computers and communication, factory automation and drives, traction, automotive and renewable energy benefit from the application of power electronics technology.

Energy and Water Metering: Smart meters not only measure critical parameters such as water flow or energy consumption but also use wireless communication to connect to local or wide area networks allowing for remote location monitoring, remote maintenance and the optimization of resource utilization. The platform works with leading global OEMs.

Water Purification Systems: Emerging markets such as India have a significant challenge in access to clean potable water for domestic consumption. Many households depend on water purification systems for these needs. At the heart of these devices is a control unit that monitors parameters and keeps the purification system working at optimum levels. Syrma SGS has a strong track record of working with OEMs to offer products within the water purification sector.

Clean Energy: Syrma SGS provides critical controls for clean energy systems including controls for tracking systems for one of the global leaders in solar equipment and controls for hybrid power systems. As clean energy is more fully integrated into the global energy mix, the need for Syrma SGS’s control systems is expected to grow.