Company Overview – UCB is a leading energy storage solutions provider, primarily focused on Lead-Acid Batteries (Pb Batteries) and Lithium-Ion Batteries (Li Batteries). Currently with one of the largest market shares in the sector, UCB’s main strength and focus has been their distribution channels. Today, the company has substantial market share in stationary storage solutions for the telecom industry. In addition, we believe it is well positioned to take advantage of new and growing energy storage segment in Brazil, combining market experience and manufacturing expertise on a technology-agnostic basis.

Environmental Impact – UCB, through its energy storage solutions, reduces hazardous waste disposal, as new Lithium-ion batteries can last up to 10 years as opposed to current battery technologies, which typically last for only three years. It also improves the overall efficiency of the power grid, as storage accelerates the broader adoption of renewable energy. This reduces the use of diesel-powered backups, which produce more pollutants than UCB’s energy storage solutions.